The Universal Jet Thruster (UJT)* is a tool used in oilfield wells when performing any intervention, workover, or drilling where the well needs to be cleaned or jetted. The UJT can be used in operations like milling, drilling out frac seats, bridge plugs, drilling a new formation or hole, cleaning out sand or debris, and more.

The UJT is designed to pull downhole BHA into the well using jetting force. It is the next generation of technology, allowing you to achieve longer laterals along with the use of today’s standard extended reach tools. It allows you to achieve drilling depths that are beyond what is achievable from the use of agitation tools alone. This tool can be ran in conjunction with a motor in the tool assembly or without.

The UJT maximizes well cleaning with a 45-degree reverse jet sub with swab-like efficiency to set debris in motion toward the heel, and uses thorough radical jet cleaning to eliminate beaching of debris.

Technical Specifications

  • Combined with venturi tool, nozzle, spinning wash tools, with motors, etc. Unlimited "Water Tractor" effect
  • Nozzles are easily changed for pump rate and pressure requirements
  • Using hydraulics vs. battling hydraulics with 1/3” stroke
  • Can be ran with acid for jetting and washing or other corrosive chemicals, Nitrogen and foam friendly as well, also sour service
  • The UJT is the SHORTEST and STRONGEST tool in the BHA @ 0.35m

2 ⅞″ Specifications

Length .35m (14”)
OD 73mm (2.875”)
Threads any
Torsional Yield 90,000 kg/cm
(6500 ft./lbs.)
Tensile Yield 64,000 daN
(140,000 lbs.)
Temperature unlimited
Flow Capacity only limited by nozzle size up to 1m3 (6.29 bbl.)
Pressure Drop limited to nozzle size, ideal pressure drop @ 3500 kPa (500 Psi)
Compatible Fluid Water, KCL, N2, Acid, light mud, friction reducer, etc.
Nozzles Easily Changed for pump rate and pressure requirement

* Patent Pending